Nailed-it Embedded PHP (The Nailed-it Guides Book 2)

Nailed-it Embedded PHP (The Nailed-it Guides Book 2)


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A large part of the internet is driven by one scripting language: PHP. PHP takes the literal: "and the kitchen sink" approach to programming. It is a very large language that can be used on the web, on the desktop or just about anywhere else.

There are three basic approaches to writing PHP: embedded in which the PHP script is inserted into an HTML page, procedural which uses normal 3GL approaches to writing code and object oriented in which you model the world as objects that interact.

In this, the initial book of the Nailed-it Guides on PHP, we look in depth at the embedded approach,

Our table of contents is:

- Introduction
- Installing a Web Stack
- Hello World
- Variables
- Control Structures
- HTML Forms
- Proxying other Content with curl
- File input output
- Headers and File Serving
- Canvases, Functions and the Evil Goto

The book takes a tutorial approach to teaching PHP with a large amount of demonstration code that is discussed and explained. This code is available on the author's web site for download.
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